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Fort Sam Houston/SAMMC/BAMC in San Antonio, TX hopes to begin getting deliveries of musical instruments by months end. Waiting on the room to be ready. Very exciting.

Fort Riley now has some instruments and due to its remote location, we will be doing most lessons by Skype, Google and other video tel/con services. 

First delivery of instruments to Fort Hood, TX on Wednesday, July 31. Very excited to have wounded at another base with our gear.

As I am sure you are all aware there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant last week in a town called West, TX. There were approximately 12 first responders killed saving the lives of the people that worked there

March has us in DC for Walter Reed and at Fort Campbell, KY. There is so much to do.

We had a very productive trip to NAMM this year. It is so great to meet some of our instrument companies face to face. It really makes it feel more personal. I think it also shows our commitment to keeping them as part of the WCMP family.

NAMM is coming up. Very excited to take one of my volunteers with me and see if we can get some support. It is so hard to say no to these hospitals and to the wounded. Wish us luck.

Warrior Cry Music Project founder Robert Henne interviewed by Signal Magazine.

Warrior Cry Music Project is proud to announce: AJ Fratto as an official mouthpiece & South Eastern

Battlespace and Warrior Cry in the Army news. Go get a copy of Battlespace and profits go to Warrior Cry. Thank you for supporting your Wounded Heroes and 

Everyone please pick up a copy and follow these guys. !00% of the proceeds from this book go to help support Warrior Cry Music Project. Available at most large book stores and Amazon.


I wanted to take a moment and thank Lillian Axe for sending us some autographed CD's of their new album XI: The Days Before

More wounded are coming for lessons and things are going smoothly. We have some great things coming soon, so keep checking back.

We hosted some opera singers from the Washington National Opera for Valentines Day at NICoE/Walter Reed. It was amazing to see everyone enjoying the songs of love that were performed.

Music lessons have been picking up and we are looking at expanding some hours at Walter Reed. Getting very busy. 

What a week at NAMM. Fingers are crossed that some of the companies we spoke with can help support our Wounded Heroes. 

I am in Anaheim, CA for the NAMM Show. NAMM is a musical instrument manufacturer and dealer

2012 is here and with your support, we will continue our service to our wounded. Please click on the donate button to help us in our mission.


Please remember our service members still deployed, wounded and fallen. Please also remember their families during this time of year. Many are alone the first time for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Special thanks go out to the men and women that protect us.

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