Very excited. We are treating wounded Marines to Thanksgiving at our partners home office in Indiana. The 

Please never forget what has been given for us to have a day like this to celebrate!

Thank you Roland for donating a third drum kit to us. Please click on the link to see a few of the pics of the kit in the

I received approval from command at Schofield Barracks Army Base in Oahu, Hawaii today. I am going to try and deliver some instruments tomorrow. Very exciting!

Received word today that Roland is shipping a electronic drum kit for Walter Reed. This is the third kit that Roland has shipped us.

Today I emailed all of the non profits that are on the Walter Reed non profit email trail. I want to try to organize us to

Warrior Cry would like that thank and welcome Marc Guenveur Cherry as a supporter. Marc Guenveur Cherry, born at Walter Reed Hospital in

Warrior Cry would like to thank and welcome as a supporter.

We will be hosting UFC and TAPOUT later this week to visit with the wounded at Walter Reed Bethesda. The hospital will be full of smiles! Lots of surprises for the wounded.

Share your passion and donate to our cause with your everyday purchases. We've partnered with Capital One®Card Lab Connect to bring you our Warrior Cry branded Card!

Warrior Cry would like to thank and welcome Dr. Hot Licks' as a supporter. John Taylor is the Guinness World Record

Our online store is now live in beta. Please help us test it by purchasing some shirts:

Great news! We are now supplying guitars for the VA starting

Warrior Cry would like to thank and welcome Justin James as a supporter. Please check out his video dedicated to the military and featuring Warrior Cry at the beginning and end.

Please have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.

Had a great non-profit retreat in Indianapolis, IN this weekend. It really feels great to know we are helping these wounded men and women. So many prayers all around for them!

Warrior Cry would like to thank and welcome REI as a supporter.

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