Warrior Cry Music Project is proud to announce: AJ Fratto as an official mouthpiece & South Eastern Warrior Cry representative.

AJ Fratto is a US Navy veteran from Geneva NY. Married with three children, "The Fab Fratto 5" resides in Pensacola, FL.

Career path includes: Helicopter Search & Rescue Swimmer, Blue Angel Crew Chief  #1 and a very honest and successful highly decorated recruiter.

As a musician, AJ was a guest vocalist & personality for multi platinum Iconic progressive metal band Queensryche as their American Soldier. An avid volunteer, AJ Fratto created “AJ’s BraveHearts.”. The band consists of rotating national, blue collar and military vet musicians, AJ being the leader and only constant.  Our Brave Heart’s  “soul” purpose is to raise awareness and give hope through the love and healing power of music to one and all.

AJ will be traveling our great country’s Military hospitals, VA hospitals and Military concerts & functions donating musical instruments to afflicted military troops, soldiers and sailors on behalf of Warrior Cry Music Project.

“I admire Robert Henne for his contributions and creation of this wonderful cause.” As a patient, I met Robert at Bethesda Naval Medical Center (Walter Reed) Md. Robert was playing guitar to Traumatic Brain Injury  & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder victims and teaching them. Robert walked in with five Taylor guitars he donated to the therapy / day room. To see the look on the faces of those wounded young soldiers was priceless. Their faces were glowing whether they could speak or not, the impression was made. I saw the business card attached to the guitar and was emotionally brought to tears by the logo…”A soldier shooting a gun but instead of bullets music notes came out, it was beautiful to me”.  I was deeply effected by the moment and felt compelled to act as soon as I was healthy enough. “Here I am!”  One completely motivated AJ Fratto ready to go! Let’s go get it!

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